oh, happy day.

today was quite magnificent.

i got back from camping with my fellow CITs, and i must say, it was one of the easiest camping trips i’ve been on. everyone was pretty chill with a lot of things; no one had a lot to say, or complain about for that matter, and when the guy leading us everywhere (dave) lead us through the ponds and the trails, everyone complied.

but here’s the exciting bit:

as we were all walking along on the trail, my eyes mainly glued to the ground, a weary eye on risen tree-roots or poison ivy, we all stopped, abrupt, and sudden. everyone was quiet as we walked along the roots of a tree, and found an amazing discovery: a rope swing. it was a sturdy rope-swing attached to a tree that didn’t look insanely sturdy, but held it’s own and others weights nicely. all of the boys lined up to go on it, to swing on it happily and land in the pond. as i turned around, i noticed that all of the girls were wading in the shallow water, watching the boys wearily as they did various tricks off of the ropes. they watched, silently, patiently.

i was determined not to be one of those girls.

boldly, i got into the line. as my turn came, i held onto the rope and slid my hands down to the knot, praying to whatever source out there was listening that i would not hit the tree behind me. i jumped off the rock, and swung out into the lake, hovering, and let go.

the thrill was terrific, and needless to say, every girl was in that line afterward.

i am back home now, in a comfy bed with a room of air conditioning. i am sore all over my body, my arms and torso killing me from what i believe was a combination of the swing and swimming so much. “you were a beast out there, russo,” my counselor told me, and i had laughed along with her.

today, after i got home and showered, jesse came over. we, at first, wanted to make one of our videos, but we got sidetracked and stayed outside and talked, instead. as we laid in the grass, the sun still beaming on our backs at 6:30 at night, i took a moment to feel the grass underneath my hands, how it wasn’t covered by snow, how my face, only after three days of camp, was already sun-kissed and a golden-brown glow. even jesse was tan too, and i was just so happy not to be pale. 

tomorrow i go to camp, and then friday i get to miss. i’m going up to woodstock, new york, to see my cousin and my aunt and uncle, and the fireworks. it’ll be odd, being there when it isn’t a high holy day, but i think it’ll be nice, and i hate to say it, but it gives me some comfort to know that i won’t have to be dragged to a temple to chant hebrew for six hours. call me crazy, but it tends to get a tad bit boring. 

anyway. i’m glad to be back in a bed, and secure from buggies trying ever so desperately to invade my sleeping space. but i’ll be honest.

i’d do it all over again.

love, ali.

deep thoughts from a temporary summer insomniac.


my best friend in the entire world called me tonight, crying. of course, I felt awful, and I truly wanted to help her, so I told her to tell me what was bothering her, and what was making her so distressed. as she told me, through a shaky voice and choppy words, I barely spoke; when she asked me questions I answered them honestly, when she asked if what she was feeling was normal, I said with complete confidence that it truly was.

when she called, I was in the middle of packing for my camp trip tomorrow. we had ended up talking for an hour, so for that hour, I was on my bed, my clothing sprawled out around me, unpacked, and I just listened to her cry. when my mom told me that I had to go to bed, she said she had to, as well, but she said one thing that really struck a chord with my heart: “you know, ali, I feel like talking to you has just lifted a thousand-pound weight off of my heart. I feel so much better, just knowing that there is someone in this world who is willing to listen to me. thank you so much.”

now, I’m not telling this story to be a martyr, or any of that, but it got me thinking about a lot of things. I let my friend cry on the phone with me for an hour, us barely conversing, and she told me that it had helped her so much. what about other people? if we assured people that they always had an ear for listening and a shoulder to cry on, how much happier would the world be? how much more peaceful? I think we all just need to listen every once in a while.

you never know how much better a person will feel if you did.

love, ali.

don’t dance in the rain if you’re not willing to get wet.

well, tiger, you took that one to heart, didn’t you? xD seriously. this was at a Nike store. I had to laugh, and take a picture. love, ali.

well, tiger, you took that one to heart, didn’t you? xD seriously. this was at a Nike store. I had to laugh, and take a picture. love, ali.

lack of of Internet connection makes me sad.

because not blogging in a few days throws me off.

thankfully, Internet and world is restored and back in order, so I am happy once more.

so, tomorrow I start camp. I am so insanely excited that I have to restrain myself from jumping up and down with joy. and I get to see everyone I’ve missed the school year; the counselors, the friends I made and had tight friendships with. the type of friendships that can only be made during the summertime, where everything seems to be right and people seem to be more easygoing.

although it’s already kicked in the full swing of summer is just starting to settle in. the summer butterflies that flutter in my tummy are returning, and I welcome them with open arms. the smells and feels are coming back, too; the smell of wet soil and a long session of summer rain fill me with glee.

although it’s supposed to thunderstorm on my first day tomorrow, I’m ready for it. I’ve got my green rainjacket. and if the rain does, in fact come, I’ll dance in it, smiling the entire time.

love, ali.

come and find me.

song by josh ritter, currently on repeat.

it’s one of those songs that are sad, with poignant lyrics and simply nothing but the sounds of an acoustic guitar accompanying it. as i was listening to it, my iPod on shuffle, i had happened to be looking at pictures from last summer.

and for the oddest reason, a reason i truly cannot even fathom to explain, i began to cry.

i wasn’t sad, or anything, something had just tugged at my heartstrings and my eyes began to water. you know when at the most random moments, one of the most ambiguous things occurs, and you just begin to cry, for no reason at all, and no endeavors to try and hold it back? it was like that, except in a small way, it was somewhat cleansing. it felt good.

i do not have much to say tonight, not a lot of words to type and share. but if you need me, you can find me in my room, listening to songs on repeat and looking through pictures.

tonight is a night of nostalgia, and i am embracing it. :]

love, ali.

life is short. have fun. love, ali.

life is short. have fun. love, ali.

it needs to pull a Jesus and resurrect.
Yoo-Ra H.

just kicked in.

this entire week, i have been in doubt that it is, in fact, summer.

it, literally, just kicked in.

tomorrow, i get to sleep in until whatever time i want. i get to wake up to beaming sunshine and warmth hitting my back through my window. i get to blast music as loud as i want to my heart’s content on my stereo, probably joshua radin or the rarity that are happy ingrid michaelson songs. 

it’s wonderful, really, to just know that an amazing new chapter of your life has started. although it’s not really a big chapter, it is still, nonetheless, a chapter, where i do not know where i’ll be or what i’ll be doing, but i know that it will be great. it will be marvelous. it will be something i will never forget, along with the other summers of my life.

just the overall feeling is enough to make me excited. happy. to only think good thoughts and fall asleep in my back yard while i stare up at the stars. take pictures with my phone as my friends and i jump off of curbs, or just simply laughing at each other. 

these are the moments in my life i will never forget, the feelings i will experience that will be so fierce and passionate that i will envy them when i get older. the memories that i will hang onto, if i might feel that i’ve got nothing left to grip onto. i’m a homebody, and if i’m away from home, these feelings and memories and waves of joy and love will guide me back to where i came from, my roots, which i am so deeply grounded to. 

i’m an optimist. i don’t care what anyone else says. i’m going to be happy, because life is too short not to be.

love, ali. 


oh yes, very.

tomorrow is father’s day, but that’s not the real reason why i’m excited. well, no, let me rephrase that: i’m excited that i get to spend the day with my dad, but there are other factors helping the excitement.

i’m planning a lot of stuff with friends, and i’m just ready to have fun with them. see them, laugh so hard until my tummy hurts, i need all of this. 

i don’t have a lot to say tonight. i’m just so happy it’s summer; it hasn’t genuinely sunken in yet, but trust me, it will.

love, ali.